Happy birthday queen B!
From rhinestones to crimped hair, here’s 10 of our favorite Beyoncé looks from the early 2000s.


Pink Friday: How Nicki Minaj is Turning the Color into a Weapon
"Minaj wears pink to assert her femininity in male spaces. She wears it as armor and in solidarity with her girls, making it clear that she’s not out here for the boys. Her newest songs, “Anaconda” and “Lookin’ Ass” are decidedly dick-negative. Yes, she’ll twerk in a pink thong but she’ll also don a pink wig and cut bananas — and other phallic shaped fruit — with a vengeance.” 

I wrote about Nicki Minaj and finally got to use the phrase “dick-negative.”

Inventory #589: One ream of three-hole punched copy paper
Look at my independence, singed green from the lawn that made specific promises. The detail convinced me: You will hold a firework and you will light it and it will form a red circle in the night sky. So I ate any food that was placed in front of me and then I fell in love with men as if they were food. It was a productive summer, I never slept. Every morning, the sun was just the suggestion of light, the rest was up to me. And later, the rest was up to you.   
"At some point in my life,
I realized every poem I write is a step-by-step guide
on how to prepare for the end of times.
Sometimes the poems are hopeful,
sometimes the poems are dark,
but the thing they have in common
is that they end, like all of us one day will.
Now I title my poems by numbers,
so this poem is called Death Note 72."

I recommend this essay by Gabby Bess at Dazed Digital.
Don’t be the artist’s muse. Be the artist. 
"Why is female vulnerability still only acceptable when it’s neuroticized and personal; when it feeds back on itself? Why do people still not get it when we handle vulnerability like philosophy, at some remove?"
Chris Krauss, I Love Dick pp. 207-208 (via fleurisms)

hi, i did an interview for the podcast ‘almost live at mellow pages’ with eric nelson & sean h. doyle. it was very fun & i was very sincere. we talked a lot about shabby doll house & writing & being on the internet etc. it’s online at vol.1 brooklyn. 

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