City of Angels

By Petra Collins and Arvida Byström.

I love Arvida’s work.
"I feel heartbroken today, but I don’t know. Sometimes I get that way when I’m fucking hungry."

this is a poem of mine which steve & boost house picked out for their new anthology, 'the yolo pages'. it is from this ebook i made a couple of years ago. it feels nice to remember that night.
you can buy the yolo pages on the boost house website. it features writing by lots of ppl i like a lot, including gabby bess, luna miguel, pancho espinosa, tao lin & ashley opheim. it’s a cute book. i recommend it.

assembling my graduation book bag
1. Frank Wedekind, Mine-Haha or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls2. Maggie Nelson, Bluets3. Jenny Offil, Department of Speculation4. Illuminati Girl Gang Volume 45. Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart6. Mira Gonzalez, I Will Never be Beautiful Enough to Make Us Beautiful Together


my general outlook on life is a lot more worrisome now

that i have realized i’ve perfected how to maintain a balance

of not caring at all about how others perceive me

and caring so much that it is all but crippling

when you told me you haven’t stopped thinking about me

since we ran into each other in the doorway of the kitchen

i told you i was smiling through the phone and i was telling the truth

when i told you i predicted we could be very comfortable together

for a very long time i was still telling the truth

everything inside my mouth seems very intentional now

humans don’t deserve to feel happy or safe

but i am open to trying at it for you

the older i get, the less real the world seems

we all cycle through the same four personal emotions

for our entire lives because we refuse to admit

that sometimes we make the wrong decisions


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great american artists
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