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Rhizome presents:Internet as PoetryIssue Project Room 22 Boerum PlaceBrooklyn, NY 11201Wednesday, July 2nd at 8:00 pm Official New York launch for Cunny Poem v. 1 by Bunny Rogers and Brigid Mason featuring reading, music, and dance performance.

Inventory #542: Zine by Emma Kohlmann
I listen to thunderstorm sounds on my headphones to distance myself from the scene. That’s one trick. I like magicians because they’re like novelists with real-time results—pick a card, watch it burn. Pick a fiction, shatter it. Only nine days til the full moon, a man in a serial killer movie says, and the camera moves away. 

Petra Collins e Arvida Byström - Lines & Curves

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women dance with cleaning products in commercials

i want to dance with a vacuum cleaner

walk backwards then towards your feet

inhale your shoelaces

make you trip

my organs are like external hard drives

some cables go up and occupy my throat

if you suck my tongue hard enough

you can keep it forever

my mouth is a vacuum cleaner

i can suck.


tío, me encantan las metáforas

mi mochila me ama lo sé porque me abraza por detrás

incluso cuando sudo no puedo correrme yo sola

así que abro mi mochila y dibujo una polla en un trozo de papel

chupo el trozo de papel y arruino para siempre la polla

la polla está flácida por un tiempo

estamos semidesnudos en tu garaje besándonos tu sostienes mi cara

y yo sostengo un globo de agua lo muerdo 

y se derrama sobre mi cara mi mochila se convierte en un tanque de aire y el tanque de aire se convierte en ti

y yo me convierto en un submarinista respiramos juntos

bajo el agua tocamos cosas son comestibles los peces exóticos

porque los quiero todos en mi boca.

Ana Carrete

Illustration, Caterina Scicchitano.

Poems first published at Neatomosquitoshow

and Estabanlocos.


Fashion Magazine spring (by Emma Dajska)

My first interview as El Gaviero Ediciones’s editor:
(El Cultural, El Mundo)
Alt Lit Journals by Alexa Rank


I’ve been looking at all these summer lists for somewhere to submit my work. And being such a nerd I thought I’d compile a ranking of them by Alexa rating so that I could submit where the most people could see my work. Just thought I’d share the results with people:

1. Hobart - 2,741,597


"The internet, like most spaces, is a male dominated place, but the specific wormhole of the web I’d discovered seemed to be the most blatant and accurate display of its masculinity. There was something violent in a faceless man hovering pantsless over the picture of a woman. If I played all the videos at once, in different windows on the screen of my Macbook, that would be the patriarchy given definitive form: hundreds of dicks ejaculating on the faces of women."

Excerpt from I Want to be a Tribute Star. 

You can read the rest of my essay on tribute porn, desire, and masculinity here

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