Lauren Oyler has written a list of essential reading from the New Wave Vomit archives, for Dazed Digital
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"Hard up for cash, the whales began renting out their stomachs to summer vacationers. It was a novelty, staying in the belly of a whale, like the teepee-shaped motels that still exist off the highways in some parts of Arizona. The whales would come right up to the shore and allow tourists to step into their patiently opened mouths, drag wheeled suitcases and whining children over their plankton-flecked baleens. At night, the hastily installed generators—for the tourists’ laptops and hair dryers and light fixtures—caused the whales to hum and glow like bobbing lanterns at the edge of the beach. By day, the whales huddled in pods as their tenants splashed and sunbathed, occasionally summoning one of the animals over so a pair of flip-flops or sunglasses could be retrieved. The older whales refused to participate, at first, in what they perceived to be a grave wound to the species’ dignity, but they died off or came around as the young whales gained influence, their pockets flush with easy money."
Cassandra de Alba, The Whales (via papercranechronicles)

so these 3 lovelies arrived in the mail today. ‘bout to have a talk with finnegan pronto. 

I was interviewed by’s Bedford + Bowery about The Bushwick Review. The piece includes the first 8 pages of The Bushwick Review V. Also interviewed is another bad bitch who runs her own publication, Gabby Bess of Illuminati Girl Gang. 

Reading from two phones at Kate Durbin’s book launch for E! Entertainment. 

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Cunny Poem Volume Oneby Bunny Rogers, Brigid Mason

36 MORE Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read


I told my friend Anne Marie that I could come up with a list of 36 poems everyone should read to rival Buzzfeed’s list, which was great, but I felt was missing a few important names. 36 names to be exact. Here are 36 heart-polishing poems. 36 atmosphere-shattering poems. 36 poems I love by 36 poets I love. This list is not exhaustive, & by no means should these poems be the only one read of each poet. 


1. Jeremy Radin, “Moon Wasps

2. Russ Woods, “City Girl

3. Heather Christle, “Pursuits

4. Anis Mojgani, “When We Were Geese

5. Annelyse Gelman, “Heart

6. Sierra DeMulder, “The Genius Goes to Church

7. Karen Finneyfrock, “The Owl Cycle

8. Aracelis Girmay, “Elegy

9. Danez Smith, “sideshow

10. Lesley Yalen, “The Problem of People

11. Jamaal May, “There Are Birds Here

12. Cassandra de Alba, “The Bears

13. John Mortara, “Every Night I Call the Cops On Myself

14. Franny Choi, “Bird Watching

15. Saeed Jones, “Thallium

16. Rachel McKibbens, “A Child Without Arms Running Through a Field

17. Angel Nafis, “Angel’s Heart Clowns the Ocean

18. Brennan Bestwick, “Surname Nasa

19. Tracy K. Smith, “Don’t You Wonder, Sometimes?”

20. Rob Sturma, “Christopher Robin’s Breakup Note

21. Nikki Finney, “Cattails

22. Caroline Crew, “The Weather Radio

23. Kevin Young, “from Book of Hours

24. Rebecca Lindenberg, “Litany

25. Shanny Jean Maney, “I Love Science

26. Farrah Field, “Consciousness Enlarges in an Untoward Present

27. Airea D. Matthews, “Hero(i)in

28. Fatima Asghar, “He Huffed and He Puffed

29. Megan Falley, “new york craigslist>personals>missed connections

30. Kelly Schirmann, “not asia, exactly.

31. Emily Kendal Frey, “My Definition of Rape

32. Carrie Lorig, “Scatterstate

33. Mathias Svalina, “The Future

34. Richard Siken, “Saying Your Names

35. Zachary Schomburg, “The One About the Robbers

36. Ocean Vuong, “Revelation


SPACE announces the INFRA_SPECTION cycle of residencies at The White Building, London’s centre for exploring the art, technology and sustainability.
September 1, 2014 - July 31, 2015
"If you are wondering how I am,
I am fine.
If you are wondering what I am doing,
I am missing you
in the aisles of the supermarket
where we decide which tea
is best and which salad
is best and
look it’s this one right here
because this salad
has rice in it
and we both will enjoy
eating that."
Sarah Jean Alexander (via Hobart)