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Bunny Rogers



Luna says that all the sad, lonely girls died from the cancer of being a woman.


Do I have this vulvic sickness too?


What I do know for sure is that I have this thing with addiction:

It started with cigarettes

and adderall

and number games

and wrapping my hair around my fingers

and playing with my boyfriend’s balls

and two vaginas rubbing against each other

and HBO mini-series

and Netflix original series

and blogging

and GIFs of baby animals

and ordering pizza

and cleansing myself of pizza

and the routine of quitting

and collecting books that I will never read

and poetry

and email

and weed

and money

and institutional acceptance

and awards for genius

and storing handguns in my cunt

and recognizing TV tropes by name

and feeling wanted

and feeling neglected

and feeling wanted while being neglected

and spit in mouths

and coffee

and validation

and Ben Lerner

and my own name

and cocks

and specifically cocks in lace underwear

and pictures saturated with light

and making plans to see friends who are in different countries

            like Paris

            like UK

            like Spain

            like Canada

            like South Brooklyn

and feeling in control  

and loving myself

and feeling out of control

and hating myself

and the internet.


The internet…


Yeah, it started with just those things

and it never ended. 


baby 2.0, march 2014.

click this picture of mira gonzalez as a baby to download an episode of misery with guest host: mira gonzalez

on may 4th the studio at webster hall will be hosting a booklaunch for you can make anything sad, my forthcoming book from publishing genius. there’ll be readings by me, mira gonzalez, and victor “kool a.d.” vazquez. majical cloudz will also be doing a set. there’ll be a table full of shit you can take home, as well as drinks to put into your body.
everyone’s invited. rsvp on facebook here

Pity the Animal, a lyric essay by Chelsea Hodson, explores the concept of human submission and commodification by way of window displays, wild animals, performance art, and sugar daddy dating websites. How much can a body endure? Almost everything.
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