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Civil Coping Mechanism’s masthead states: 

Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is a DIY kind of press. We take the same level of angst as our brethren in shunning those that would be in the immediate position of neglecting our efforts as artisans. We take the sentiment of doing it ourselves while stating to the tired publishing process,“To hell with it.”

Why not do it our way?

What only matters: Offering a space for the innovation so sorely shamed and disregarded as unmarketable by the major and indie presses too busy selling the next celebrity memoir, paper-thin creative nonfiction spine of lies, the wax-intellectual pursuits of yet-again the same vision wrapped in newer trim, or the same regurgitated genre-fiction and prose you’d expect would have become stale by now. Oh yes, we rant. This is our place. We’ll do as we damn well please.

CCM is run by Michael Seidlinger and a couple of their hardworking editors that just want to bring you good books from writers that they believe in. 

In order to do continue to do this CCM needs some $$$. Via their Kickstarter CCM is offering incentives put forth by some of the CCM authors.

If you feel inclined to support indie publishing and indie authors I would recommend checking out the Kickstarter where you’ll be able to snag a custom chapbook from Ana Carrette, My ‘complete works’ as all of my chapbooks in a perfect-bound full color book, and you could also donate to receive CCM’s entire forthcoming 2013-2014 catalog.  

My book, Alone With Other People, is forthcoming from CCM this year and your support means so much to me and the entire CCM family. 

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