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I printed up some additional copies of the YOUNG MONEY POETRY zine so if you couldn’t come out to the reading and want a zine you can grab one for $4 here

YOUNG MONEY POETRY is an exhibit of poetry by young, broke artists @Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn on Dec 30th 2012. Borrowing our name from Lil Wayne’s much more monetarily successful rap label we hope to bring some of the hustle and shine to poetry.

YOUNG MONEY POETRY is made possible by a collaboration between Gabby Gabby, of Illuminati Girl Gang, and LK Shaw, of Shabby Doll House. The YOUNG MONEY POETRY CLIQUE consists of some of our favorite contributors to both of Illuminati Girl Gang and Shabby Doll House.

The YOUNG MONEY POETRY zine features work from Crispin Best, Mira Gonzalez, Lucy K. Shaw, Grace Miceli, Ann Hirsch, Gabby Gabby, Ashley Opheim, Guillaume Morissette, and Sarah Jean Alexander.

Details: 5x7, color cover, 18 pages, b&w, saddle-stitched,

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    there are still a few copies of the young money poetry zine left !!! order now to avoid a lifetime of disappointment.
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