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Catherine Lemblé is a photographer based in Belgium, currently studying for a master’s degree. Her work is “most of the time about nature and the rawness, the splendor and the destruction of it.” 

Tell us a little bit about your work

I find it difficult to talk about my own pictures. I am way more interested in pictures that express or evoke emotions and are a result of creativity than in technical perfect, super sharp, emotionless pictures. I think you can see this in my work. I almost always photograph on film. I don’t like digital. I love waiting for my negatives to be developed, although I am an impatient person.

Your work varies from landscapes to photos taken during a mosh pit. Do you like to shoot a variety of things rather then focusing mainly on one thing?

 I used to take photos of all kind of things but since I began studying photography I was obligated to work in series for assignments or projects for school. I kept working in series since. I like the idea of having a lot of different series that, despite of the differences, form a whole. You can also take pictures from different series, place them together and discover new things, see the pictures differently. I also like series because it’s a proces with a lot of reflectivity.

 How does nature affect your work? (For example, the collages you create.)

 I prefer to photograph where I feel at ease. I love photographing in nature because there I’m often alone and it’s very quiet. I can concentrate on taking pictures. Apart from that I love hiking, and I find nature simply fascinating (I think everyone does) so I feel the need to capture those fascinating things on film. I live in a country with no mountains, there are not much breathtaking landscapes here in my opinion, that’s why I like to use those magnificent landscapes from old books I bought in second-hand shops and make for example collages with them. Some collages I made with the person(s) in front of the landscape refers to paintings from the German Romanticism. I like the difference in how people then and now perceive nature.

 Who influences you and why?

 Other photographers and visual artists on flickr influence me. Musicians also influence me a lot. Especially rough, raw, loud, good, pure and honest music. Listening to this I want to get out (and take pictures).

 Favourite film and music at the moment?

 Film: The Straight Story - David Lynch, Dark Glow of the Mountains - Werner Herzog. Music: Raketkanon

 What do you hope to see yourself doing in three years time?

 Get my master’s degree, travel, travel far, photograph more, find good ideas for projects, collaborate with and meet interesting people.

 Any upcoming projects?

 Right now I’m working on a project about mountains and the relation between the artificial and the natural and timelessness and temporality. I’m also working on a project with my sister. And I want to portray people again, has been a long time since I did that.

Catherine’s site

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