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Sam & I are currently working on Young Family’s second record, an extended EP called King Cobra, that we hope to release in early Spring 2013. Thanks to everyone who made voluntary contributions to our first EP, we have a little more freedom to keep recording. Thank you. Right now we are raising funds for the continuation of this project, which we hope will include a record pressing in the near future. For the month of January, if you donate to Young Family, we will ship you the following goodies:

$5+: physical copy of You Ruined It in hand-decorated art sleeve

$10+You Ruined It + 5x7 hand-screened mini-print (specify ‘guns’ or ‘love’)

$20+: You Ruined It + 5x7 mini-print + King Cobra hard copy + art sleeve

$30+You Ruined It + 5x7 mini-prints + King Cobra + 8x10 poster print + goodies

$50+: All of the above + a hand-screened Young Family t-shirt (specify size + design) + I will personally bake you cookies & write you a poem

All orders will receive random art goodies & hand-written love notes. To donate, please PayPal kellyschirmann @ + then send me an email with your order specifications (print choice, shirt size) and mailing address. You can also donate through our bandcamp site, where You Ruined It is still available to download, now & forever, absolutely free. 

Thanks again for your help & love // Happy New Year // XO YF

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