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Liv Thurley’s “Caught from behind” (ph 1,2,3) “Roses may say ‘I Love You’ but the Cactus says … ” (ph 1)

Come and see Liv Thurley’s work at tonights Gal!!! Click for event.

Liv Thurley grew up in London but currently based in Brighton were she studies Fine Art Sculpture. Processing personal experiences through her art she commonly touches a more wide spread idea about expectations and idea about females.

How did you get in to making art?
Growing up in London has been influential in my practice. It’s allowed me to meet fellow creative friends and I’m always able to visit a gallery to suit the mood I’m in. Even walking the streets leaves me feeling inspired. I’ve also had some great teachers who have been uplifting.

What artwork that isn’t made by you did you wish was made by you?
Recent research has led to an interest in the work of Sarah Lucas whose work I was lucky enough to see up close at the Sadie Coles collection in London earlier on in the year. Her art often uses primal humour (as seen in ‘Chicken Knickers’) to explore sex, bodies, and time.

If you could erase the existence of one artwork that you made, which one would it be?
I think all my pieces have been beneficial in allowing me to get from one point to another. It’s hard to imagine where I would be now without a certain one. One thing I have learned is that you learn from your mistakes - all of them!

Three words about your work on Soapbox at gal space?
Infused with humour

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