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"Of-the-moment, brilliant, and triumphantly sad, Illuminati Girl Gang leader Gabby Bess’s debut Alone with Other People is a post-feminist, hyper self-conscious teen swansong of the Internet age. The line between girl body and Macbook is collapsed in these vignettes that riff from blog posts, text messages, and tumblr memes, and what emerges is a “modern tragic figure who would sacrifice herself for whatever."

Moments of Female Adolescence, Illuminated Online and in Print

Hannah Le Feuvre in Illuminati GIrl Gang 
In a culture that discounts the contributions of teenage girls yet rips them at will, co-opting their keen fashion sense into one that is marketable and desirable, Illuminati Girl Gang (IGG), a print and online journal of girl culture featuring work by kids who are mostly under the age of 25, comes as a welcome contribution to retaining the authenticity of adolescent expression.

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Illuminati Girl Gang contributor Laura Marie Marciano discusses finding a place Tumblr, confessional writing, and Illuminati Girl Gang on Inconnu Mag.