"If originality is a “sense of novelty and freshness” then, in the act of constructing ourselves, originality is not the goal. We construct a self-portrait, relying on existing objects – books, quotes from authors and artists, images, art – that we are more than happy to show off to others for them to use as masturbation material or for the material by which they align themselves. This is the new action painting – the curational archive. The referential self portrait. The portrait of any other artist could be readily used to explain yourself, just reblog it and caption it with “same.” The past consistently becomes the present, not through linear time, but through the constant reconstruction and relabeling of it."

Gabby Bess in the Fanzine on Sheila Heti, the self & way more

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"I like to sit alone and not talk about how I’m sitting alone. I like to drink to get drunk then go to sleep in my own bed. I don’t mind not having anything to say."

if this were a letter to my ex boyfriends it would maybe involve smiling emoticons

im highly skilled at being a good ex girlfriend, and can provide the references

one ex boyfriend’s girlfriend wants to meet me, just as an example of my skill

i had sex with another ex boyfriend recently and we are going to be friends forever

i almost texted him today to ask if i can go play with his brother’s dog

but i didnt, because that seems a little bit like an inconvenience to his brother, and im sure he doesnt want to inconvenience his brother, hes a good brother

and im a good ex girlfriend

i have been insulted by ex boyfriends but i understand where they were coming from, and i look forward to remaining friends in the years to come

if i had the money, i would think up the perfect birthday gifts for my ex boyfriends and i would mail those to them on their birthdays with a friendly funny card

because the thing is, it wasnt me, it was them

so i will be here to support them while they figure themselves out

and i will make sure to never remind them of the ways in which they hurt me

because im a good ex girlfriend

im good at what i do

and its extremely fulfilling


Good Ex-Girlfriend by Maggie Lee

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"I enjoyed performing for men online, men that I had never met in person. I liked the aspect of detached intimacy. I liked the aspect of seeming untouchable and ethereal. With older men, especially, I could feel the urgency with which they desired me. A young, attractive, girl that appeared to want nothing but them and in turn, they wanted nothing but her. I found the phenomenon empowering. This was my easy way out of the loneliness that I had become accustomed to."
Gabby Gabby’s How We Grow Older (via vennligst)
"Charlie could see people waving to other people as they walked across campus. They waved like people that had the luxury of dropping pennies on the ground and continuing to walk past them. They didn’t look winded or tired or fucked. They were wearing various facial expressions ranging from neutral to mildly happy. Charlie thought about the things that she would give up just to feel neutral. “I would give up feeling fucked to feel neutral,” she thought."
(from a short story tentatively titled ‘Charlie’)